I love giveaways!

Whilst I was in the mood for Raya shopping; I am also in the mood for giving. I am in the happy-mood this festivities. There is no other satisfaction that to see someone feeling so good about themselves when they put on that new baju and look so good in it. Right?

I know how it feels when you wear your baju and it looked like you borrowed it from your 50 year old aunty..I was once like that .. all I could wear was kaftan or jubah… mom of 3… flabs and fats… muffin top… you name it! My darling husband has a name for every corner of fat on my body!

As a woman, no matter the age, you still want to be desirable and you still want to look amazing in that kebaya. Kan?

So 5 days before raya… don’t kid yourself on a crash-course diet program just to look good but not feel good. You must at all times stay healthy and skipping meals is not the answer!

I may have a simpler suggestion for you.

Why not try on a flattering set of Premium Beautiful LINGERIE.

  • INSTANT reshaping of your curves
  • INSTANT fat re-placement
  • INSTANT bust & butt-enhancement

For those yang nak balik kampung , I suggest cepat-cepat get your custom made Premium Beautiful so that you will look stunning in that new baju kebaya….!!!

Just for the last 5 days of Ramadhan, I am giving away

FREE gift worth RM 220.00… FREE postage… FREE fitting and measurement and FREE monitoring for 3 months… just to make sure you stay slim & happy! First 5 lucky ladies will also get  goodie bag worth RM100.00 from PARIS! Hurry…. 

Call me for a “GORGEOUS YOU” this raya!

Lynn +019-2620969 or email me at lynnshukor@gmail.com

Last Raya, after a new baby.

Last Raya, after a new baby.