“When you learn, teach. When you get, give” those are profound words from Maya Angelou; mentor to Oprah Winfrey.

Did you think that all successful people made it big by flying solo? Heck NO! What do Warren Buffet (billionaire financier), Donald Trump (real estate tycoon) and Mark Zuckerberg (billionaire founder of Facebook) have in common? They each have mentors. They each learnt from someone who was once in their shoes at one point or another.

Having a mentor is like having someone pick your brains when you’re too consumed to even talk about it. having a mentor is like having a spare ear to listen to your rantings when everyone else have gone home.

So if I have not given you 2 good enough reasons why everyone needs a mentor, here’s another 3.

MENTORS ARE INSPIRING – Have you heard yourself utter these words silently “I know I can be a good entrepreneur but I just cannot find the inspiration to get motivated to work at it”  More often than not, we are the killers to our own dreams. We murder our best ideas because we are too afraid of the “What If’s” and “I can’ts”. A mentor is someone we look up to not just for their advise; she is someone who has achieved some significant success for you to be inspired with. Her stories should motivate you enough to make you want to achieve greater success.

MENTORS KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO SUCCEED – A mentor would be someone whose able to “irritate” you enough so you will get to work on your brilliant ideas and to remind you that she has been there before and had she not persevere she wouldn’t be breathing down your neck right now! She could also walk you through a spiritual path when all seems lost; only to find your purpose again. Granted she may not be a religious guru; but experience tells her you need to sort out with The Man Upstairs sometimes.

MENTORS ARE FREE – Say whaaaaatttt? Did you think a mentor gets shares in you IPO? Did you think that mentors get free meals every time they see you? (well…. sometimes… haah) Generally, mentors guide, mentors push, mentors monitor, and mentors nurture you to be the best at what you want to be because they love the taste of success. They have tasted it for themselves; and now its time to give! There is no other gratification then to see someone you have nurtured become very good at what they once thought they’d be miserable in. That is payment in kind!

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