It was only in my dreams to travel the world. Though I secretly saved up money for that round the world trip… it was never enough to even buy a one way ticket. So l let that dream fade away… only to be contented with short local holidays. But little did I know what was in store for me.

Who would have thought that a simple YES from me 2 years ago could lead to my travelling adventures. Never in a million years did I think I would be conquering 4 countries in just a short span of 2 years in this business… and I don’t even have to spend a single cent for any flight tickets. All because what I do allows me to get these amazing holidays as a thank you note from a very strong reputable company.

Here’s where I’ve been so far…

With the ladies of top leaders circle and of course Jerry

With the ladies of top leaders circle and of course Jerry

United Kingdom – London

Granted this wasn’t my first time to London. Somehow this time its different. I have never travelled with a group of friends and like-minded people before. Admittedly I was a bit nervous going with the whole jing-bang of Top Leaders Circle extraodinaire. What if I make really bad jokes on the bus? Worse… what if I snore on the plane? What will they think of me? Well, I did make some lousy jokes, they laughed anyway. As for the snoring… we all laughed about it but you will never get me to admit it… ha ha!

Truly an interesting experience when you explore a new country with friends who have achieved the same to get there too. There was a look of pure satisfaction in our eyes when we took pictures on board the London Eye and a kind of surreal gratification when you’re standing in front of the Buckingham Palace realising that you have made it this far with the months of effort you’ve put in to qualify for this amazing trip. The girls and I bonded more in Beicester Village… for obvious reasons. Shopping! What else? We each came out of Ferragamo and Tods and Anya with the biggest satisfied smiles on our faces. We generally don’t shop like this in KL but its so so wrong not to when you’re at the factory outlets of some of the most renowned brands! Plus it was snowing when we got there. Such a beautiful feeling… shopping in snow!


France – Paris

Paris was a whole new story altogether. Paris was my teenage-romantic dream city. In my earlier post, I did mention that I dreamt of being kissed under the magnificent Eiffel Tower. When I got older I dreamt of being swept away by a handsome and hairy french man whilst sipping cafe latte at Cafe Verlet and marry the man of my dreams there… and when I started to earn a bit of money, that dream included a shopping spree along Champs Elysees… (kindda like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman)

You could say all of my Paris dreams came true…with some slight twist of fate. I married the handsome and hairy man of my dreams some 14 years ago; in Paris he swept me off my feet and stole a kiss from me along the Eiffel Tower witnessed by all my TLC bus-mates. Malu tapi mahu… hehee… together we had a nice french dinner in a quite little restaurante which incidentally served the best escargot and creme brule afterwards. As for the shopping, I did walk along Champs Elysees; but ended up buying a beautiful Vanessa Bruno bag at Gallerie La Fayette. Along with a few Longchamps and Roger Gallet. Opps! I’d be crazy not to… imagine when we got to La Fayette we were not only greeted by their top manageress, we were also given the VIP lane to make our purchases and VAT claims plus additional store discounts. Its retail madness I tell ya!

Australia – Gold Coast

I wanted to go to Gold Coast because I know my darling husband would go insane over all the roller coaster rides and of course… all the babes in bikinis by the beach. So I set myself up to qualify for this trip. Four months of hard work and voila… its G’day Aussie for us two. Although we both studied in Melbourne, we never travelled to Gold Coast as students. It was always a money issue then. But now, thanks to Top Leaders Circle, my husband and I can relive our childhood adrenalin rush going on all the hair-raising rides at Movie World, Sea World & whatever other world they had. Needless to say, he was like a 12 year old kid queuing up Superman escapes & Batwing spaceshot rides. I have to say I loved to see the happy look on his face after each ride. I on the other hand was shouting my lungs out for the rides to be over quickly. My heart went to my knees and I think my lungs collapsed for awhile when we were on the Scooby-doo ride… yes I even screamed at Scooby -Doo.

At night, the girls and I stripped the night market of all its goodies…from organic soaps to handmade bags… my hands were full of Aussie goodness. In the morning, we would catch the waves down by the surfers paradise beach. Our hotel was literally 2 seconds from the gorgeous beaches. So Arif got to feast on his babes in bikini and I got to see my surfers’ abs fatish out of the way. The water was so cold and I forgot how strong the waves were compared to Penang or Langkawi. Many times Arif had to ‘rescue’ me from the banters of the big waves… kindda feels like David Hasslehoff and Pamela Anderson in Baywatch… we just don’t look the part.


China – Shanghai

Jerry was the name of our tour guide in Shanghai. He has never eaten popcorn. So you can imagine his surprise when I shared my last packet of Garrets with him. We instantly became good friends. He called all the ladies his “beauties”… Well, I can see why… compared to the Shanghainese ladies, we were definitely worthy of the compliment. Hehehe… It wasn’t that hard to fight for Shanghai, especially when you work as a team. I merely followed the plans that was laid out by my mentors and they made sure I was always on  track. Its easy when you have someone lending a helping hand and to boost up your spirits whenever the going gets tough.

Contrary to my expectations, Shanghai was indeed very clean. What fascinated me the most was the multitude of highways that was built around the big city and how they had to in genuinely think of how to manoeuvre around the high rise buildings. Funnily Jerry was very apologetic when we were caught in a little bit of traffic. We all had a big laugh when he actually considered what was a 60km speed – traffic. You should come to KL and see what we really mean by traffic jam!

Coming soon –  Austria and Hungary

I am super excited to fly Emirates to go to Hungary via Dubai this January. Now this was a real challenge for me. 140 sets in 4 months. Phew! Did it anyway. Some people ask me how I did it? I think if you set your sights on something; like this free trip to Austria and Hungary; then the action plan becomes do-able. You will be focused, you will do whatever it takes to get it and you will feel that its not that hard once you know how. Most of all, you will feel a tremendous sensation once you’ve done it. That’s the feeling I get every time I successfully qualify for all these free trips.

You should try it. You might just like it.