I love Annaseskey!

Who does not want to be photographed by Annaseskey? Anyone who loves photography will love Annaseskey creations. Anyone who appreciates art will love Annaseskey’s work of art. In short, anyone in their right frame of creative mind, will without a doubt love Annaseskey pictures. 

They say pictures speaks a thousand words. When you look at annaseskey pictures you will actually be lost for words. You don’t know whether to cry because it’s so breathtaking or to hug him because he is able to capture your very soul in his portraits. Annaseskey’s ability to transform his subject into something they never thought they could be simply blows you away. 

Just look at some of the people he has photographed – Dato Siti Nurhaliza, Salhazain, Diana Danielle…. The list goes on. And now, he’ll be photographing moi! Me! Plain old me! Woohoo!!! Ooh ooh… I’m nervous just thinking about it. What should I wear? Will he make me look like a star? 

Please Annaseskey, turn your flash and click on me!