I like receiving gifts!

Especially when it is for a job well done. It is so gratifying to know that your accomplishments have been recognised, no matter how small. Some people say it doesn’t matter as long as they know they have done a good job. True. But really, in our heart of hearts it is nice to feel appreciated. It is nice to know that all that hard work pays off; be it personal satisfaction or monetary gains or just plain old ego boost. It’s nice to know you are noticed!

Behold a little gift I received from my business coach and mentor for the effort that I put in to accomplish my target. So much so that now I’m enjoying a 5-figure extra income. Hey, no ones gonna hand out any freebies in this world. Everything that we want, we have to work for. Before this I only dared to dream of owning an Emilio Pucci handbag much less a Diane Von Furstenberg Iphone cover. Haaaa…. gone are the days of my trip to Sungai Wang and Petaling street. Pavillion here I come!

My very own! Certainly won’t be the last…

My very own! Certainly won’t be the last…

Only the best from now on babey!
YOU could be the next proud owner of this too!