I got more than I bargained for!

When my makcik bidan recommended Premium Beautiful to me whilst I was in confinement; I was so excited for the fact that I was told that I will be losing weight faster…but more relieved that I don’t have to wear the 6 feet long bengkung anymore. Mana tak nye, I was walking like a mummie and could not even sit properly with that wrap. After one visit to the loo, habis tanggal semua. I wanted something that would support my ever so flabby tummy and yet allowed me the freedom of movement. I got it all by using this Premium Beautiful corset.

I was instantly surprised that by applying the technics on how to wear the corset properly, I instantaneously had big boobs! woohoo!!! Big boobs. Don’t play play! When I put on the girdle my butt became alive and perky. I am one happy chick. Needless to say the flabby tummy went out the window the moment I put on the waist nipper and dramatically gave me an hour glass figure. Voila! This yummy mummy is back people…

Ask me how I did it!