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Men Do It Too!

Amazingly they are so good at it! What is it that they do best? Ha ha… Wouldn’t you...

Jam tangan milik ku

Akhirnya jam tangan milik ku! Ada apa pada jam tangan? Sedangkan Lynn pun dah ada koleksi...

Gold Coast dihatiku

Walaupun baru bulan Febuari lalu pulang dari Gold Coast… rasa macam nak pergi lagi je....

Daily Life of a Queen Bee

I am… We are Queen Bee Why name our group Queen Bee? The term queen bee is typically used to...

Project Duit Raya TLC

I want to get more duit raya! Raya is coming. Wouldn’t we all love extra duit raya? But what...

Inspire to Aspire

I want to inspire people!As a once-young woman, I have always been attracted to other women who...

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