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Be A Beautiful Size 16

Who says you can’t be a beautiful size 16? So often people get the misconception that the...

Berurut selepas bersalin

Kalau ikut cakap orang-orang tua, seelok-eloknya wanita yang telah bersalin dinasihatkan untuk...

Pain pain go away

STOP ! Are you suffering from one of these illnesses? Diabetes Stroke Gout...

Smoothly supple skin

I want smooth supple skin!Face it, who doesn’t? But I am against going under the knife! I...

Enough of exercise

I used to exercise! Not any more. Haa… I know its bad but with the rainy season and all. Yes, that...

My Before And After

I believe it works!After using Premium Beautiful corset for almost 6 months, I truly believe that...

Caution On Cancer

I lost Mama to cancer!Mama battled cancer for the last 4 years of her life. It was so funny how...

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