I have a date!

It’s with an ex-boyfriend. I ended up marrying him. So now he’s my husband. I have a date with my husband. Sounds strange doesn’t it? It’s been so long since we had a night out together; getting all dressed up and making reservation for two at a fancy restaurant. I kindda forgot the thrill of getting dolled up for a big night out.

The kids are happily playing with their aunts and both hubby and I are in the car listening to Eric Benet. The mood is definitely set for romance! then… pure silence. We’re so used to the kids ranting away their stories that we ourselves never engage in conversation longer than 1 minute. Now, its just the two of us. What do we talk about?

At the dinner table, we started warming up. Now, there’s just so many things we wanna share with each other that we both started talking at the same time. Its so funny how two people can live with one another and yet loose touch with their inner most thoughts. I didn’t realise that my husband plans to list his company in the next five years. I always assumed he’d hold on to the business forever. But realisticly, he wants to make his money while he’s at the top of his game. That gave me an idea…I shared with him a business opportunity that I recently came across. To my surprise, he didn’t shoot it down (as do most men), in fact he sounded quite fascinated. So we both got a bit excited of the thought of earning a bit more

Tips to those women going on a date night… where sexy killer heels! It always turns them on. Thank you Alexandre Birman