I have a long list of dreams!

Bet you do too! Often times we only let it linger in our minds. Never to put it down on paper. Never to express in detail or colour the vision of that dream. Why? Why do we have to be embarrassed about having our own dream? Why should we be shy of sharing what we desire most out of life? I remembered reading Jack Cranfield and he says we should share what we dream of with as many people because it helps us to achieve the dream faster. The more people that know of your dreams; the more help and opportunity you’re gonna get  to reaching your dreams.

Among my list of ever changing dream is a simple car. One that I can move around town with ease but still look good when I step out of the car… haha… suddenly thought of a 6 foot model with long blonde hair coming out of a red Ferrari in a pair of 4 inch stiletto. See how I let my imagination run wild?

It is exactly with these wild imagination that makes it possible for me to be a step closer to making one of my dreams a reality. People say work hard to get what you want in life. We all work hard; but how many of us really get what we dream of? So the secret is in doing things smarter. Look for opportunities that provide a platform to achieve your dreams. Not just monetary gains. Yes, money enables you buy what you want. But what good will it do if you become a slave to the job that gets you all the money in the world? I don’t want to spend 18 hours of my day behind a desk… because even if I do get to buy my dream car; I won’t have the time to drive it around. That would be really sad! Kindda defeats the purpose, don’t you think?

I’m glad I get to do the things I want to do and the time I choose to do it. Moreover, it is the satisfaction of knowing that if I do it right; it will get me closer to that dream car simply because my business provides the platform for it.

The Mercedes A200 is my red hot baby!

The Mercedes A200 is my red hot baby!