I love to fly!

I have always been a sucker for firsts. So when they told me we would be flying back from Munich on an Emirates A380, naturally I flipped.

I'm on the Emirates A380 y'all!

I’m on the Emirates A380 y’all!

I have always loved travelling on an aeroplane. Well, minus the turbulence sometimes. It always makes me feel like I’m doing something new with my life; like embarking on new adventures and moving forward into the unknown. Melodramatic much?

Upon checking in, don’t think we didn’t try to get upgraded! Used the sweetest lines and the biggest smile to wiggle our way in; none of them worked because they were simply full! Both upstairs and downstairs. Can you imagine that? The A380 is a double decker plane! Hah! I’ve only been on a double decker bus, which incidentally was a first for me too back in 2013, during our trip to London and Paris.

The A380 boasts an amazingly silent take off and it is said to be very fuel efficient due to the lightweight materials they used for the body and of course the engine technology. How do I know this? Well, the kind and rather handsome french-looking steward told me this. The wings spread over 80 meters and length wise it’s like 70 meters or something and I was told that it comfortably cruises at 43,000 feet.

Oh and check this out…The windows had wood panel seals which gave it an “expensive look”!
The best thing for me was the toilet or as they call it lavatories. A 2-panel mirror, wooden toilet seats coupled with wooden panels on the sides. The sweet smelling hand lotion looked like they’ve been replenished every 15 minutes. I swear if my nose wasn’t stuffed, I would think they used Bvlgari or something. I should know coz that’s almost how often I visited the lavatories. Ha ha.

I had a peek at the business class and that was enough to blow me away! Note to self: ONE DAY! The rather handsome french-looking steward also told me that upstairs where only the rich can taste; seats the first class guests who are privileged enough to have a shower spa and private suite. I blinked my eyes a few times wondering if I was still on a plane. Note to self again: ONE DAY!

Back in economy, where the privileged few like me enjoyed a delectable selection of fine foods. I simply didn’t have time to feel hungry. It’s like they can read my mind. Everytime I think of reaching for my good-old famous Amos cookies which I brought from KL; along comes the rather handsome french-looking steward to offer me the tastiest chocolate cake; followed by sandwiches which could give O’briens a run for their money. For mains, I was spoilt with choices like Briyani, prawn pasta and roast chicken which smelled really nice because the guy next to me chose it. The service was impeccable. Oh yes… They have wifi on the plane! And a charger! Hah!!! What more can an online mumpreneur ask for!

The A380 presents a completely different experience for Economy Class passengers like me with more roomy cabins and enhanced space between seats. This got a big Yes! from the love of my life as his legs stretches as long as the highway and plus he can delve into more than 1000 channels on the ice in-flight entertainment system.

Anyway, that was just my first time on an A380. The First of many I hope. Something which I rarely dream of until I did this online business. When small dreams starts to become actual real stories of my life; my dreams just gets bigger every time. Why not? Anything is possible. And it is possible for anyone to achieve it so long as they have the right tools and the best dreams!

Perhaps you wanna share your experiences of traveling with me?