What do I do with my kids during their holidays? Help!!!

I’ve got some ideas…

Summer camp! 🙂 Naaah… I don’t think I can stomach the girls being away for more than 3 days much less in the wilderness. Though I was quite the adventurous and robust little girl back in the day. Now that I’m a parent, I am admittedly very protective of my children. Wasn’t my parents protective over me? Sure they were, and they had the courage to stomach all the “what if’s”. Me on the other hand, not that brave.

So every school holidays I would come up with a list of small activities for the children to do by themselves or with us. Apart from taking them for short trips, I like to conjure projects for them to do at home. Last year, my girls had to built a scrapbook of their entire holiday activities. Naturally how the girls wanted to decorate their scrapbooks were to buy stickers and stamps from Craft Haven or use beautiful but expensive paper mesh for cut outs. No..No..No. “Build your own scrapbook from all the things you have collected during your trips and use all the existing stationery we have at home or create something” I repeatedly told the girls whenever they hinted a trip to the scrapbook store. The end results were both surprisingly creative.

There was one year where I made the girls think of an advertising campaign for a product. They had to draw their product, create a slogan and then act out the advertisement for it. It was hilarious! My Busyuk* (my second daughters’ term of endearment, losely means smelly) took inspiration fr my lipstick. She created a lipstick lollipop that “you can not only have pink lips but lick it from your lips when you’re hungry” that was her tagline. Belacan* (my eldest terms of endearment which is really a type of fermented shrimp but really means smelly as well); she promoted saving the earth. It was more a documentary really! Her tagline “Save water, just use the swimming pool to take a bath”… talk about recycling eh?

So what will it be this year?

Perhaps I’ll start by asking them to compose a song and write the lyrics to it. Then have them do a video clip of that song. Of course, dear grandpa will be the judge and there will be 2 winners. One for the best song and one for the best music video. You can’t lose! yea…