I wore red that day!

There were 300 eager young entrepreneurs attending the seminar on 10.11.12. Such a great show of style, strength and seriousness in pursuing their goals. A business opportunity waiting to be grabbed!
Datang dengan penuh stail dan semangat untuk bersama-sama menimba ilmu demi menggapai bintang.

I’m a newbie myself but what I took from this experience is the enthusiasm and eagerness to be the best that they can be. You can’t help but be inspired by all these young entrepreneurs who definitely want something better for themselves and better yet knows how exactly they want to achieve it. I don’t remember if I was this enthusiastic about something when I was in my 20’s. Do you think its because we didn’t want much at the time? or is it because we want more now? Why didn’t I want to obtain incredible income so early in life? Which ever it may be, one things’ for sure; I’m following the footsteps of the ones who have been successful. Why reinvent the wheel I say.

Often times we attend some courses and get all charged up but after awhile the fire slowly dies off. Why? This is because there’s never been any follow through. That’s whats different about today. Much of what we learnt (especially how to obtain incredible income…ha ha) is supposed to be implemented right? but who’s checking? Without self discipline, all will be lost. But the good thing about this business opprtunity is that there’s always mentors to guide you, to check on your progress and to always be a helpful ear to listen to your silliest whimps and fancies.

That’s what I like…

When a business opportunity knocks on your door, what do you do?

Kenapa tak ikut jejak langkah mereka yang terlebih dahulu meraih kejayaan, kekayaan dan kepuasan…

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