Amazingly they are so good at it!

What is it that they do best? Ha ha… Wouldn’t you like to know. Ok you squeezed it out of me… I’ll tell ya!

These men are one of a kind. These men would be up all night just so you can tweet about ‘it’. These men have sharpened they skills so you can be sharper. These men will make you believe “if he can do it, I can do it better!”
These men saw what we women have seen ages ago… The opportunity to make money without the suit and tie.

So what’s the difference? What’s so great about working in jeans and a hard rock London tshirt? Well… My darlings.. While these men do look hot in a suit and tie… They are forever missing home cooked dinner because of bad traffic, forever having problems with their credit cards because their salary is too little to feed all 3 kids. Where as now… In their Levi’s jeans they can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with their families, and now Citibank are even offering them more credit cards. Life is good. But it wouldn’t have been had their wives not opened their eyes to the beautiful world of premium beautiful.

Who would have thought that being a premium beautiful top agent would be go gratifying? It’s so simple to say yes. Yet so many still find it easier to say no. These men said no at first but when they saw what it did to their wives… They put up the white flag and surrendered to a very lucrative yes! So what sort of change did they see in their wives?

First of all… We let the bank do all the talking. When their wives income begin to escalate from month to month. Hah… The eyes starts to roll and the mind begins to question “is it possible? No way… Yes way!!!”

Secondly, when their wives are always asking them to take leave so that she can take him on a free holiday around the world. Whoa!!! This is too much. The mind says “I want what she has”

These men have rised from being supporters of their beautiful wives to being premium agents themselves and they are amazing mentors and they are remarkable human beings.

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