I really miss her today!

I was at the airport today and watched families saying good bye to their parents who are going off for their hajj pilgrimage. I miss mama terribly today. How my life would be different if mama was still around? I would probably fuss over what she needed to pack; making sure I ordered her favourite daging dendeng; and secretly put my shopping list in her handbag before she travelled. Mama in turn would endlessly remind me to… take my vitamins, starch the shirts before ironing, feed the cats, switch off the toilets lights and off course nag me about my solat. I can just picture her now, hands on her curvy waist uttering words like ” how many times do I have to remind you?…”

“Mama went to spend a little bit of time with Allah” I would say to my girls when she passed away in 2008. How do you tell your 4 year-old she’s never going to see her nenek again; never going to sleep next to her again? So whenever my daughters’ misses their nenek, we would visit her grave and share the weeks’ activities and gossips. That made me feel like mama was still around to lend her ear.

More on mama later…