How soon can I wear Premium Beautiful corset after a normal or caesarean delivery?

You should wear after 7~10 days of natural birth. Depending on recovery conditions for C-section women, it is usually worn after 10~14 days. The best slimming period for postpartum women is within 6 months, for better slimming effects if worn earlier to reposition both organs and uterus.

How soon can I see results after wearing Premium Beautiful corset?

Wearing reshaping lingerie is a natural adjustment process, which needs persistence. Usually the effects are seen immediately after wearing it but we suggest that you will feel and see visible results within 1-6 months for reshaping to occur depending on individual body condition. Within 1-3 months, body fat is moved and repositioned. The reshaping contour normally completes after 6 months. You may experience a slight discomfort and tightness on the first 1-15 days. Do not worry, it is just your body getting used to wearing a form-fitting attire and possibly the positive effects of Far Infra Red Rays kicking in with your body’s water molecules.

What is the difference when I use Premium Beautiful corset during confinement?

First of all you will love the experience of having form-fitting attire snuggled around your body. One that would be easy to wear, even when you are on your own. The Premium Beautiful corset is an all-in-one confinement tool for mothers on the go!

Among some of the benefits are: –

– Expels wind continuously, allowing the body to restore all its organs
– Contracts and realigns your uterus quicker & stabilses your hormones
– Tightens and strengthens your pelvic bones and muscles
– Rejuvenates and energizes your body after childbirth
– Pushes out dirty blood or clots and any toxic surplus in the body
– Stabilizes and restores your uterus in its rightful position; thus reducing the risk of uterine prolapse
– Stabilizes your metabolic rate and keeps your body warm
– Reshapes the breasts, buttocks and firms up tummy area instantly
– Increases milk supply

How do I wear Premuim Beautiful?




How do I wash Premium Beautiful?

image20For best results, gently dip your Premium Beautiful corset in this specially designed mild PB natural wash detergent. Rinse and drip dry under a shaded area.

Tips for long lasting wear:
– Do not dry under direct sunlight
– Do not spin dry or even machine wash
– Do not use harsh detergent or bleach
– Do not iron

Will my Premium Beautiful corset smell after wearing for long hours?

image21The great thing about Premium Beautiful corset is that it is made from natural fibre, nylon, tetron and lycra manufactured with the latest technology with excellent ergonomic design. The Far-Infrared Ray promotes blood circulation and metabolism, whereas the sweat absorption materials help ventilation, hydrophilic and no heat trapping.