Its one thing to fight for your own success, but its another thrilling adventure to help someone else to achieve their goals too!

Meet Suraya_SK. My Protege. A mother of 2 gorgeous boys and one of the first few professional Sonographers in Malaysia! She started embarking on this business with me almost 2 years ago and already she has seen the fruits of her labour.

All Suraya wanted was to spend more time with the boys rather than rushing home to a kitchen sink full of dishes and only to kiss the boys good night every night. So she asked me, “Isn’t there a better way to make some money and still have time for yourself?”

When my answer was “YES“! She jumped with eyes wide open. I asked Suraya, what if I told you that you could earn the same amount of money in 2 hours as you did in your 9-5 job daily? She immediately gave me a pen and paper to show her this secret ingredient.

Today, Suraya_SK is the proud recipient of the 100,000 sales award and also achieving the Diamond Sales Manager award all rolled into one.

Her success is not without effort and smart strategies. In her own words “It was with lots of help, from my two great ladies, from the group and uolls! So happy! Ecstatic! Terima kasih TLC ! Thank you my mama queen bee, Adrina Shazlin Shukor and mentor pujaan hati i, Salha Mohd Zain yang so gorjessss malam tu.”

IF you want to be like Suraya, just buzz me !!! Perhaps we can achieve your goals together too.

Proud Mentor with her Protege

Proud Mentor with her Protege