I slouch!

I can’t help it. Maybe my bones are not strong enough to hold onto a good straight position. I have been told that even when I walk I tend to slouch. My shoulders drop and my back tends to bend a little. Funny right? We always think we have good posture. Not until somebody points out the obvious. So since then, I have been trying to consciously stand up straight and sit up straight. Though sometimes it can be very difficult. I feel tired just by trying!

So when I started using Premium Beautiful corset, though my main intention was to lose weight; I was pleasantly surprised that it helped so much with my posture. I didn’t realize it at first but when a friend commented that I stood up straight next to her; I began to see the difference. In fact I felt the difference! My back is naturally arched forward without me putting so much effort and because of that my shoulders went from slouching to being straight up. I walk with much confidence now and it shows! Its amazing how a person’s confidence stems from the way we walk. When we start walking with our chest out and back arched beautifully; we exude poise. Not to mention it enhances my already perky bum…ha ha!