Wherever I go, “she” goes!

Be it attending a formal gala dinner, ushering a cousins wedding, riding the ATV, walking the 2KM factory floor or even zumba… Premium Beautiful is always and forever with me. Ever since I got to know “her”, I have not been able to let “her” go! “she” and I are one!

Why am I so obsessed with “her”?

Why wouldn’t I be?

“She” completes me!

In more ways than one. When I gave birth to my third child, Premium Beautiful helped me realign my horrific post-delivery body. There was a time I refused to look in the mirror because of how my body shape has changed into a big fat blob! When I wore Premium Beautiful after 2 weeks of delivering, guests who visited said I looked radiant (and not so sembab & pucat!) and the best part was my milk supply was like waterfall! Alhamdullillah for that!

Now you see it, now you don't

Now you see it, now you don’t

When I had to attend a formal gala dinner, Premium Beautiful was there to tuck in all the unsightly fats and turned them instantaneously into curvy hips and vivacious boobs (and here I thought they were non-existent).

Never leave home without it

Never leave home without it

I remembered having constant back aches due to poor posture while breastfeeding and also while working on the computer for long hours. Premium Beautiful rescued me from calling the makcik  urut everyday! Now, I can’t remember the last time the makcik came over. Although I love my makcik to bits!

Being an active woman, I am everywhere and all over the place. In short… I can look very messy after 11am. Well, suffice to say that I now look composed and “together” all the time! ha ha…

Recently I put Premium Beautiful to the test. Being an outdoorsy sorta person, I challenged Premium Beautiful to a grueling battle on the ATV. We drove on slippery slopes and climbed steep hills. After some 2 hour ride; everyone was complaining of aches and pains… but not me. Surprisingly, my body was kept intact by Premium Beautiful. Seriously!

Then I tried challenging Premium Beautiful again, only this time it was for Zumba. Never in my life had I done this Zumba thingamajig but there’s a first for everything, right? Well… well…well… I am so happy to say that wearing the waist nipper has indeed kept my posture aligned while exercising! and I could still move so easily and danced the Zumba like a crazy chic! Super happy! (watch out for my next post on Zumba and embarrassing videos!)

Do I look like Kim Kardashian already?

Do I look like Kim Kardashian already?

Happy to share my life experiences with Premium Beautiful. Some say, seeing is believing but I say, wearing is believing!

Come see or wear it for yourself.

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Your Premium Beautiful Specialist 

Zumba Buddy, perhaps