Success comes in many forms. It can be money. It can be time. It can be freedom. Success is really what you want it to be.

I was at the SM / SSM Award function yesterday cheering on our beloved TOP LEADERS CIRCLE MASTERTRAINER CDM Salleha Roslan as she was honoured to be a speaker of choice for this glorious event.

I have heard many speeches being given, some motivates me while others inspire me. However, when I heard CDM Sal’s speech, it moved me to tears and inspired me beyond words; to a certain extend it also put me to shame.

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She is truly a remarkable story of Rags To Riches. Cdm Sal started this business because she wanted more for herself and more for her family. She believes that there was more to life than just being saddled in a pool of debt just to live day by day; she believed that there was more to life than being stuck in traffic jams on your way to and from the work that doesn’t even satisfy you. She was so much in debt that all the monthly salary as an accounts clerk went to covering from one debt to another. There were times when she didn’t even have money to pay for her medical expenses in a government hospital!  Their family finances were so bad that many a time they were forced to vacate their rented house.

In just 4 short years of doing this business with Premium Beautiful, she not only has repaid all her debts; she is also now the proud owner of her dream Mercedes, C class. She has managed to put her three children in a good private Islamic school. And her business is growing every single day. She inspires all of us at TOP LEADERS CIRCLE to better than we can ever dream of. She aspires us to take that first step in pursuing this business seriously because the business works and I, for one believe that. It has worked for me in so many unimaginable ways.

CDM Sal says rightfully “Kejayaan perlu dipaksa, kita kena desak diri untuk berjaya.” loosely translated – we have to force ourselves to want to succeed. Otherwise we will be one of those people who are always and forever complaining and never make anything for themselves. Ten years on these people will be in that same chair, driving that same old car, earning that same salary, still complaining how life mistreated them. Don’t be one of those people! Don’t be complacent with what little you already have. Don’t blame others for your own lack of will to succeed. Instead force yourself to always want more by firstly being grateful to God for giving you all that you have right now and asking HIM for more rezeki. Because with more rezeki, you can do so much more for your family and for others.

“Rezeki datang dalam bentuk peluang” – I believe that will all my heart because when you ask HIM to grant you abundance of money, God will not send money wrapped in a ribbon in front of our doorstep! Instead HE provides you with the opportunity to make money. Indeed this was my calling. At a time when I asked for clarity and abundance of rezeki, Salha Zain showed up at my door! haaaaa… More on that later. The opportunity to make more money, the opportunity to have more time with your loved ones, the opportunity to own your dream car, dream house, dream handbag… You name it, you can have everything you’ve ever dreamed of when you are willing to take that first step.

Take that first step with TOP LEADERS CIRCLE, I promise you will have the time of your life! and much much more.

To find out more on how TOP LEADERS CIRCLE can help you, I can be reached at +6012-3200 969.

The inspiring CDM Sal and me just before her speech

  The inspiring CDM Sal and me just before her speech


With Top Leaders Circle Mentors

With Top Leaders Circle Mentors