I love beauty.

Ok so I’m a sucker for all things beautiful especially if it makes me look and feel great. I have tried many products out there. You name it E…n, C…y, S…x, N…..i, T…..h and even your no-brand Pasar Malam ones… Avid they all have their little strengths and weaknesses which I care not to elaborate here.

Just wanting to express my personal view on the one that stole my heart. The luxury corset that changed my life. Metaphorically and literally and physically. In ways I could not have ever imagined. (more on that later)

I was given the opportunity to try this 3-piece corset after delivering my third child. As much as I hate to say it, my body did not shrink immediately after the third child-birth. Can I blame the age factor? Hah! Plus the fact that without mama nagging to wear socks and rub stinky oil on my forehead, lessens my personal discipline to also wear the 6 meter bengkung religiously. So I resorted to a much easier post-natal care which was to wear the premium beautiful corset. Lo and behold, it did much more than what I originally intended it for. I just wanted to lose the baby ‘phat’ and keep my overly flabby tummy in a decent place. But guess what?, my breastfeeding moments are now so much less clumsy because my posture was automatically corrected when I breastfeed. Not to mention the overflowing milk supply! Gone are the back aches that used to bug me through the night and best of all I had full energy to last me through the day and even sleepless nights.

So how not to be in love with this ghastly amazing luxury corset? Any women in their right mind would be crazy not to eat, sleep and breathe Premium Beautiful! So much so that it became my motherly mission to advocate the use of this god-sent corset to all mothers during their post-natal care. It’s almost as easy as slipping on your favourite undies and bra (I said ‘almost’) hehehe…. But once you get the hang of it, you’d want to wear it for more than 8 hours of your day. Seriously, it’s the next thing to American Express; you never leave home without it!

Premium Beautiful Corset in Classic or Elegance

You know the saying ‘You won’t know until you’ve tried?’ Well, try it, you might just fall in love with your body all over again.

Lynn in PB

Post delivery in Dolce Gabbana

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