I want to get more duit raya!

Raya is coming. Wouldn’t we all love extra duit raya? But what company gives out abundance of bonus in the middle of August?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to present my parents a huge ‘ang-pow’ this year? Every year I have to squeeze the budget to try and give fairly to everyone in my family. Sometimes it would be nice to see the look on Papa’s face when i give him a very “thick ang-pow”. I’m sure Papa will be so proud of me. I’m sure Papa will be thinking that I have worked very hard indeed to get such huge income. When in fact all I have done is WORK SMART!

Plus this year I will be getting 2 additional new nieces and / or nephews. How I wish I could buy them trunk loads of baby clothes and toys!

But if I stay the way I am; nothing much will change! Most certainly not my ‘moolahs’!

Gotta do something drastic! I read somewhere that when we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  ~Victor Frankl

So I have 45 days to make a difference and change the way Raya will be in 2013!

Ready Lynn? All systems go!!!

This is the $10,000 songket I would like to get for Papa

This is the $10,000 songket I would like to get for Papa


All I have to do is strategize and share!

I am in the business of promoting franchises.

I am in the business of the biggest money making industry; thats dealing with health and beauty.

I am in the business that is borderless; global and it is on auto pilot 24/7.

If only I could share the same knowledge to everyone out there so they too can enjoy some extra ‘moolahs’ this raya… I would be so happy.

Wouldn’t you like to have some extra cash floating around during this raya season?