I have spare tyres!

Somebody help me. After delivering my third child, I really needed to lose weight and regain my almost-hour-glass figure. How can I do this with little effort? I have resigned to the fact that I am no gym junkie. I wasted my money on a gym membership which I have only gone twice in a year. I cannot ever diet, because food is my life. That would be like asking me to stop breathing. I need a camouflage! Something that would make me look thin and curvy at all the right places.

So my makcik bidan recommended me to use Premium Beautiful corset after I completed my confinement period. It was the best investment ever! Initially I wanted something that would keep all the excess flabs in tact and just to generally look shapely when I put on my kebaya. Boy was I even more surprised to learn that this corset does more than that. It helped eliminate my aching back which is mostly due to bad posture whilst I’m breastfeeding. When I started wearing it during breastfeeding sessions; I found that I was sitting up straight instead of slouching and I didn’t feel the aches as much; eventually the back aches went away. I was extremely pleased because not only that; I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight in just 6 months. This has a lot to do with the FIR technology sewn into the material of this corset where it improves blood circulation and assists in regulating my metabolic rate.

I’m so happy to be wearing it for all the right reasons. Well, perhaps there would be one tiny naughty reason too… it makes my boobs look so perky! muahahaha…..*evil laughter and hair tossing… If you wear the corset the right way; then all the unwanted fats from your back gets realigned to where fats should be…which is all in front! Very happy indeed!