Ever wake up feeling like you’ve not slept at all? I am a victim of exactly that! I would put my head on the pillow and try to snooze but all my mind wants to do is think about how much work I have left at the office, what to cook, did I switch off the bathroom lights and a host of other reminders and to do’s. So much so that I wake up feeling like I didn’t even sleep a wink.

Needless to say that your entire day would be a series of bad luck and mishaps. Your whole vibe is just full of negative energy. See, we take simple things like sleep for granted. When we don’t or can’t get enough sleep means we don’t get enough rest. Means we don’t get enough oxygen in our body to function actively and be mentally alert. This is how accidents happen.  Worst still we fall asleep on the wheel. What if our children were in the car? What if we accidently hit someone and causes irreversible damage to loved ones?

I shudder to think of all that and yet the root of all these problems stems from sleep deprivation. Life will always have its ups and downs and stress is inevitable these days. So how do we juggle life’s chores? Well, for starters we start living a healthy lifestyle. Not just in the medical sense but more a holistic perspective. Some call it quality of life. As far as sleep goes, you need it. You may think you’re a supermom or super business person but when you don’t get a good nights sleep; you’re as good as gone. How do you expect to function as a top CEO or a multitasking mother if you can’t even keep your eyes open during the day?

Don’t compromise on sleep!

If you have to tire yourself out during the day by exercising; just to be so beat that you fall asleep easier… do it!

If you have to mentally switch off all thoughts about work by keeping the TV on then fall asleep…do it if you must!

If you would rather a simpler solution which is doesn’t require burning too much calories or waste too much electricity; you can always sleep on the bio velocity sleep mate. All it takes is to spread it over your mattress and cover it with your favourite bedsheet… voila; you’re on your way to slumber land.

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