I want smooth supple skin!

Face it, who doesn’t? But I am against going under the knife! I believe even that is temporary not to mention hugely expensive. So since we have established that I will not chop and change easily, the alternative is imperative. What can I do to still maintain suppleness, smoothness without the sign of ageing creeping in? Supplements!

I have done some homework and basically have come to a conclusion that there’s so many products out there claiming so many things. You cannot possibly have one product that claims it can do everything under the sun. But what you can do is combine your areas of concern and look for the best product that best fits your needs. For example, my concern today is that I need to enhance my skin elasticity…which is basically having a firmer skin texture, visibly reduce the sign of ageing when I am without make up, and if it has some anti oxidant properties to enable the regeneration of new healthy cells, why not!

In my search, I have found that BB Plus Collagen suits my needs perfectly. It contains the following:

  • Hydrolized marine collagen –
  • Grape seed extract –
  • Vitamin C –
  • Rosella juice powder –
  • Apple fiber –
  • Inulin –