How many of us are guilty of this?

We complain about not having enough… Not having enough money… Not having enough time… Not having the best food… Not having the right number of kids… Not having  the best clothes or shoes or never having enough handbags…

I know I’m guilty of that.

Today I saw a friends Instagram and I fell to my knees! Though her post was somewhat ‘happy’…  I just found out she had recently lost her son and now her only daughter has to go through multiple surgeries due to their recent accident. Yet in all that adversity she managed to post a happy picture to keep herself sane. I couldn’t  help  brawling my eyes out and kept praying for God to please ease her pain and sorrows. No mother should ever have to go through losing her child at such a tender age. I feel so much grief and sadness for her unimaginable loss. A part of me wished there was something I could do to make it all go away. But I can’t. What I can do is keep her in my prayers that she will find inner peace and be rewarded abundantly in Jannah for her patience and perseverance and will to live.

I am guilty of always wanting more. I didn’t stop to think that all this and more could be taken away from me just like that.  I look at our family and I should be so lucky to have them in my life. Nevermind that we all wished we were shorter, taller, thinner, richer, or smarter. Come on… isn’t it just so wonderful to have each other?! Isn’t everyday a blessing that we all get to rush back and have dinner together?!

For all the crap that I sometimes have to go through… Its a small price to pay for being able to surround myself with the people I love and adore.

Alhamdullillah for today.