I cried when I watched ‘The odd life of Timothy Green’

It’s a story about how badly a couple wanted to have children when it was medically not possible for them to have their own. They wished so hard that one day they were blessed with the presence of this young boy named Timothy Green.

I won’t spoil the mystery of where he came from but I will share what I took from the movie.

We take the things we have for granted sometimes. Not realizing that somewhere in this same world someone is wishing they had it. Women take giving birth to a child so easily sometimes … It is not just the labour pain that endorses us as mothers , giving a life that means something to that child is serious business. Not just pushing it out of our once tiny veejay jay… It means growing up with that life we created and learning from them just as they learn from us.

Timothy green taught me (and his parents) about appreciating life as it comes…even if shit hits you in the face…you make chocolate chip cookies out of it. I have to admit as adults it’s harder to do that. We preach it to our kids, not realizing that innocently they are the ones practicing it effortlessly. When Timothy’s coach said he sucked at football…Timothy said “Good! That means I can only get better!” How many of us smile at the face of challenge? I know sometimes I would rather hide under the bed!

What was your defining moment in that movie?

More to come…