I’m so under 40!

We got invited to Le Prestige’s Top 40 under 40 event last night. It was a blast! Normally their events would be just cocktails and finger food but this year they’ve outdone themselves…an actual sit down 4 course meal dinner. We had a nice mix of friendly people at our table; Mr and Mrs Jimmy Sidhu from Sidhu Brothers; Mark Loh of Global Virtual Support, and of course my dearest buds from way back when, Wan Hazreek of Dara Bif.

It’s so inspiring to be surrounded by all these talented and successful young entrepreneurs. I’m secretly hoping that it would rub off on me…wait a minute…there’s a reason I got invited too…hehehe. Naa, its actually my husband’s achievement. He’s the Top 40 and I’m the Under 40 bit. 🙂

One things for sure, I’m so motivated to become as successful as some of these people are. The question now is how…? Oh wise one Ms Pandalela Rinong, should I just dive into doing the business that I love?